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The Dar Al-Salaam Organisation (“DASO”) was founded in 1997 by Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Marwani. The sheikh, a devout Sufi, was moved to work as a peace activist after surviving the blast from an extremist’s bomb; he wished to respond by resolving and preventing violence. Violence, he believed, is brought about mostly from ignorance, and can be resolved through dialogue.

Eventually his work was mainly consumed in two areas: firstly, as a mediator between tribal disputes and conflicts, and; secondly, as a proponent of what is technically known as ‘micro-disarmament’, that is, the counter-proliferation and reduction of ‘small arms’ or ‘light weapons’. These were the most acute violent threats in Yemen, a nation with a strong tribal identity and extant availability of small arms to civilians.

DASO remains staunchly a-political and dedicated to peace activism, conflict prevention and conflict intervention. DASO is an IANSA [iansa.org] member and is also being profiled as a local peace-builder in the Insight on Conflict [insightonconflict.org] project of UK NGO Peace Direct. 

DASO was also featured in a twenty minute Al-Jazeera International documentary in 2009 from the series Witness, in an episode called “the Peace-maker”. The clips are embedded below.

Witness - The Peacemaker - Part 1

Witness - The Peacemaker - Part 2

Since then, DASO has diversified its range of peace activism activities, and in particular has reached out to the Yemeni academic and religious communities to help. Recently it has hosted a series of conference-workshops between Yemeni tribal figures and religious scholars from some of the most conflict-afflicted governorates of Yemen. It has also begun to implement a ‘stabilisation’ project, designed to build social cohesion in communities from similar governorates.

DASO is currently undergoing a period of growth and professionalization. It is in the process of: formalising a research wing that can inform its activities; boosting technological skills to increase outreach, and; training in its management, accounting and administrative competencies.

DASO Working Break

The peace and safety of people in Yemen becomes increasingly challenged, especially through the troubling times of the moment. Regardless, the Yemeni peace NGO Dar Al-Salaam Organisation has much work and much energy. 

Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Al-Marwani remains steadfast to his belief that: “Peace is the will of Allah, and is the message of all of the Prophets. Without peace there is no welfare, there is no happiness".



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