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DASO currently has two main funded projects:

DASO is coordinating an 18 month ‘stabilisation’ programme for the governorates of Al-Jawf, Abyan, and Lahej. These areas are three of the worst affected in Yemen by violence. They were selected because they present a comprehensive anthropological and sociological representation of the different geographies of Yemen (mountainous, desert, and coastal) and the different forms of violence encountered in Yemen (tribal, religious, social). 

The project has two phases, the first of which is designed to properly research these difficult-to-access places, and to accordingly design and implement appropriate and locally-sensitive intervention training. 

The project has seen an invaluable leap forward in the capacity of DASO to research, plan research-informed intervention strategies, and to conduct specific training. It also saw an unprecedented rise in the public awareness of peace activism in the more marginalised parts of Yemen.

[pictures: interview 1-4]
[pictures: interviews 1-3]
[pictures: focus groups 2-5]

DASO has also been running a series of conference-workshops engaging local notables from the worst affected governorates of Yemen. 

Researchers are invited to prepare and present thematic work (e.g.’ the role of religion in combating violence in Yemen’, or ‘human rights and Islam in Yemen’), after which seminar sessions are facilitated to bring together different notables from the governorates. 

The sessions are designed to open dialogue, create common ground, and reach a shared understanding between people with traditionally divergent views.

DASO Conference Workshop
[DASO Conference-workshop]

Reports from both of these projects will be uploaded as soon as they are translated.

Other advocacy and awareness projects are also developed and implemented when there is capacity spare. A list of past projects will also be uploaded as soon as possible.

Awareness raising1
Awareness raising2
Awareness raising3
[pictures: ‘Awareness Raising 1, 2, & 3’]
insa meeting at UN
[iansa meeting at UN]



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