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DASO was founded and remains headed by Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Marwani.

Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Marwani
Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Marwani

The research wing is headed by Dr. Abdul-Karim Qassim, a Professor at Sana’a University specialising in religious philosophy. The project research staff includes two further professors at Sana’a University – one of Anthropology and the other of Sociology. They coordinate a field research team comprising of approximately 12 Yemeni graduates.


Other administrative, accounting and project coordination staff include Ahmed, Mohammed and Faisal.

Ahmed Mohammed Faisal




International volunteers (usually Arabic language students) have also helped DASO in the past.

DASO works through a network of approximately 5,000 volunteer members, and has had a web of ‘peace committees’ in the majority of governorates in Yemen. A selection of them has recently been invited to attend peace advocacy and mediation training in Sana’a.




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